Heavy-Duty Kitchen Scissors Offers Numerous Purposes with Safety Magnetic Holder; Dishwasher Safe Superb Kitchen Tool

I Recently came across the most Exciting pair of Scissors in history! Like countless people I know, I often get annoyed with my chaotic kitchen-drawers-filled with Utensils that each only carry out one purpose. Well-until these scissors, of course!

They perform everything a pair of scissors usually does and they also peel/zest fruit; open bottles; crack and open nuts, separate to act as utility knives, can operate as a screwdriver, and come with the most practical little magnetic sheath, so you can place your scissors up on the fridge: Out of reach and also ensuring them easy to find!

I have to say for anyone out there looking to buy a pair of scissors that these are sincerely a Top Choice!
They have stainless steel blades, so you won't have to get another pair of scissors for a good few years!!

They are solid weight with Ergonomically Designed Handles and they are Dishwasher-Safe too-So Truly Tick all the boxes for a pair of Kitchen Scissors!

I've had mine for several months now and they are still just as sharp and just as practical! I have every confidence you will Adore them as much as I do!

Professional 7-IN-1 Multi-Purpose Scissors by Easi-Pro
The Perfect Pair
– Frustrated with too many different kitchen Tools?
– Have your scissors gone blunt after a short time?
– Frustrated when trying to clean your scissors and can’t clean between the blades?
– Are your scissors blunt or uncomfortable to hold?

Welcoming your Premium Multi-Use 7-in-1 Scissors by Easi-Pro The Maestro of Kitchen Utensils!
Strong & Heavy-duty Stainless-Steel Blades,
Ensures clean and potent cutting skills Comfortable Silicone Grip, well designed handles make for a ideal hold Perfect Weight For Strength and Control.
These medium weight scissors are comfortable and powerful-enabling you to perform routine kitchen tasks with ease Well-known for their strength, Easi-Pro scissors are loved by our Amazon.com clients internationally!

Free Magnetic Safety Sheath keeping them out of harms way, ready to go, so you'll never misplace your scissors again!
Blades come apart for Super-Easy-Cleaning. Dishwasher Safe and separated blades are easy to wipe down. Performs 9 FUNCTIONS- like a Pro:
Opens Bottles, cracks and opens nuts, scales fish, cuts poultry bones, crab shells and more, cuts paper and snips herbs or trims fat off meat, separated blades act as a useful Utility Knife and Peels and Zests Fruit. Satisfaction A Given!

Easi-Pro are so positive you'll Cherish this Product that we offer a 5 Year Warranty! Don't Miss the Offer to get this Premium Product at a Excellent Price-Buy Your Pair of Scissors Today!

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