Bottle Drying Rack for Baby Bottles and Baby Cutlery That Has a Pretty Look

I bought this new infant bottle rack that I actually like most especially its distinct oval shape that includes an urbane look on my counter top. I have a two year old son that I wished to keep safe from any possible bacteria. The drying rack comes apart very easily, and for that reason any free-standing water can be drained, and molds and mildews will not build up. Plus, I can just toss it in the dishwasher and get a sanitized clean. As a mama I actually wished to purchase an item that guarantees my youngster's security, and this one seems to do the trick.

In addition, this product is made up of a non-toxic type of plastic making me feel at ease to utilize it everyday. I am really using this product 4 to five times a week because of how much my little monster eats.

This infant drying rack made an excellent impression on me because the design is appealing and its perfect on my counter. I happened to run into this rack on Amazon, and it's design instantly caught my attention. So, I checked the description and the reviews which are mainly favorable. Then, I bought the product immediately and got it within 2 days due to Amazon's fast shipping.

Considering that it looks excellent on my kitchen countertop, I never ever needed to put it away. The rack mixes naturally and includes appeal in my kitchen area.

This is now my favorite drying rack, and I'm gonna utilize it permanently.

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Keep your infant's dishes hygienic and without mildews and molds easily!

This ingenious design hasspecifically been developed to make cleaning safer for your household!

Major functions of the Grass Drying Rack:

** Gives a fashionable, vibrant and natural view your kitchen countertops.
** This distinct 3-piece oval design is advanced and is easy to clean, spill proof, and safe for your liked ones.
** Water drains into the lower tray where it's totally contained allowing your kitchen countertop to stay water-free!
** Not just a child bottle holder, it is also ideal for air-drying all your youngster's feeding products from infant to toddler.
** Grass feature permits products to be positioned upright allowing you to maximize kitchen area.
** BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free. Item materials used are safe, harmless, odor free, and excellent for everyday use.
** Easy to take apart and dishwasher safe to ensure the cleanliness from undesirable germs and other pollutants that might be stuck in between the yard blades.
** Life time Replacement Guarantee with a 30-day money-back assurance.

Sandi Blu spent the time and effort to relieve the problems of traditional 2-piece drying racks. Feel confident that Sandi Blu hasthought about all client feedback and dealt with all problems!

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